About The Archive

As a Nintendo fan, I love their fantastic games, innovative hardware and creative thinking. I have since long wanted to write about my love for games in general and Nintendo games in particular in some way. However, I have found that there are so many other pages already writing news, articles, reviews, etc so I never felt the need to do that. This page is my attempt att filling a small need I did however notice: a complete archive of all Download Play-enabled 3DS games. Download Play is, I believe, one of the best features of the 3DS (and DS) consoles. To get together and play multiplayer games, each player with their own device, only one copy of the game and with minimum effort to get started is really an impressive feat. As I use this function a lot and also want to promote it's use, hoping more games will take advantage of it, here it is: The 3DS Download Play Archive! Enjoy, and don't hesitate if you have any comments or new information which should be listed here!

Please note that I can't confirm that all info here is correct. I own most of these games, but I haven't played all completely and a few I don't own. If something seems wrong, please contact me!

Images are from various sources and I believe using them to show games in a positive way like this counts as fair use. If you own the rights to any included image and want it removed from here, just contact me and I'll fix it.

This site is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way.